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Buddhist Ceremony on Thursday September 20

Dear Guests!
On Thursday September 20 we have closed all day for massage.
But everyone is still welcome to Serenity Massage & Spa!
According to our tradition here at Serenity we are going to start the high season with a traditional buddhist ceremony.
The ceremony will start around 11 am and will be led by buddhist monks.
After the ceremony we offer free vegetarian food for everyone as long as we have food left!
The food served will be Kha Nom Jin (Thai Spaghetti with Tofu and Vegetables) and Larb Hed (Musroom and Tofu Salad, traditional Isaan-food).

Everyone is welcome, locals and foreigners, members of any religion or no religion!
Come and meet us and the staff and share a meal with us!

Welcome to Serenity Massage & Spa!

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Low season!

Dear guests!
In low season we don’t have that many masseuses working.
If possible please book a time a day or so before you want to come for treatment. You book here on our webpage.
That way we can avoid waiting, and we sure don’t want anyone risk to miss our fantastic treatments! 😉
We are of course still open everyday!
Welcome to Serenity Massage & Spa! 🙂

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Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is here and love is in the air everywhere! Come and celebrate with us today, indulge yourself and someone you love a wonderful experience! Maybe try our specially designed Serenity Spa Lovers Package – 3 hours of our most relaxing treatments for both body and soul together with someone that you love! Book it here in our webpage, in our Facebook or call us +66 81 569 9852!

Very welcome to us! 🙂

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming and that is the season for joy and to spend time with your closest ones! Therefore we offer 10 % discount for all families and couples during Christmas! Welcome to us and a merry Christmas for everyone!